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meet the 'Chief Instigator'

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I'm so glad you're here! I'm Sue, the 'Chief Instigator' of the Dare to Believe Movement. 

In 2014, I considered myself 'the holy exception', believing that 'everything' in the Bible was good enough for everyone else BUT me, so my new title of Chief Instigator is quite the promotion! I had bought the lie that I was too screwed up, too far gone, too everything that God couldn't use me or love me. I believed I was a waste of space. How did I get from exception to instigator? 

I'm glad you asked! I got involved with a retreat program called Walking Stick Retreats in 2014. I was imploding because, for the first time in over 4 decades, as I was dealing with trauma that happened when I was a child. To say I was a mess is an understatement. If you've heard me speak in person or on a podcast, or read my book, I am quick to say there is nothing 'magical' about Retreat. The staff gets out of the way and lets the Holy Spirit do His job. And that's what I experienced that first year as I had to own my story. I went into retreat calling myself 'the holy exception' and left saying for the first time - and starting to believe - that Jesus Christ loves me and He not only loves me He LIKES me! Each year I attended retreat and each year God continued to plant more seeds while uprooting the weeds in my heart. The second year I had to grieve my story, and the third year, 2016, my nugget was "I AM valuable to God." THAT was my pivot point.

As I started to walk in that truth and let it seep into the places where the
ground had been plowed in preparation of new seeds, things started to
change. I wrote my first book which went on to win 2nd Place Non-Fiction
at the 2020 Faith and Fellowship Book Festival. I started speaking at
schools, conferences, events, and a lot of podcasts - over 100 between
2020 and 2022! I became a Master Certified Life Coach in 2020, and in
March 2023 became a Board Certified Master Mental Health Coach.
And I founded My Step Ahead, my organization committed to helping break the stigma
around mental health struggles. We provide life coaching and speaking services. For more information on life coaching go to

As I have spoken, and even more importantly, listened, the underlying whisper of doubt linggering in the minds of people is the question "Do I matter?" My 'parting thought' whenever I speak is 'dare to believe that you matter.' I am convinced that nothing will change - permanently - until this question, this doubt, is resolved once and for all.

SO, My Step Ahead founded the Dare to Believe Movement on November 13, 2022. The groundswell continues to grow as more and more people Take the Dare! The vision is to provide a lot of content on this page as we dig into so many aspects of what it means to dare - talking about fear, insecurity, doubts, imposter syndrome, etc - to help you
face down the fears and experience full freedom. Later in 2023 we aim to
open up a secure community where it will be safe to challenge, question,
struggle, celebrate, and encourage each other as we all break free and
Dare to Believe we matter!

Be sure to sign up for the updates and receive my free PDF "Dare to Believe! -
Making Yesterday's Setbacks Today's Success." My book, "This Much I

Know...The Space Between" shares my story in greater detail as well as the
healing journey God took me through to bring me to the place of now being
the Chief Instigator! The book is available on Amazon here

Be sure to drop a message if you'd like! I'd love to hea
r from you! If you're 
interested in Life Coaching reach out to me a

Dare to Believe!


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